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Turbulent times ahead: 2 zodiac signs will see their relationship in jeopardy

Are you worried about the future of your relationship? Turbulent times ahead could be a sign of difficulty for two zodiac signs. Find out which two signs will be in jeopardy and how to cope with the turbulence. Get ready to take action and prepare for whatever lies ahead in this astrological forecast.

As the cosmic energy shifts and aligns between two zodiac signs, it is likely that those belonging to these signs will experience a tumultuous time in their personal relationships.

With the current astral configuration, individuals must be aware of the potential for disruption ahead.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorns have a lot to look forward to in their personal relationships this season. However, they may experience some turbulence as well.

This could come in the form of disputes or disagreements with a significant other.

It may also come in the form of difficulty meeting new people or maintaining existing relationships.

For those in committed relationships, it is important to be honest and open with one another and take time for self-reflection.

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Additionally, Capricorns should make sure that they are taking care of their own needs before trying to meet the needs of others.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgos have much to look forward to this season in terms of their personal relationships. However, they should also be aware that some turbulence may arise.

This could manifest in the form of difficulty connecting with those closest to them. It could also come in the form of having difficulty finding someone new or maintaining an existing relationship.

It is important for Virgos to be honest and open with those closest to them and take time for themselves as well.

Additionally, Virgos should remember to focus on their own needs first before meeting the needs of others.

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