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Math brain teaser: challenge for high IQ individuals, can you solve this by moving just 1 matchstick in under 25 seconds?

Dare to take the challenge of this Math Brain Teaser, a challenge specifically designed for high IQ individuals? The task at hand requires you to solve the puzzle by moving just one matchstick in under 25 seconds. Will you accept this test of your mental agility and mathematical prowess? Are you up for the task? Show us your genius!

Are you ready for a brain workout? Here’s your challenge: you’re presented with a mathematical equation written using matchsticks.

However, something’s off, the equation doesn’t add up as it should.

Your task is to fix the equation by moving just one matchstick. But there’s a twist – you have only 25 seconds to solve it.

The equation is: 9+5=5.

Yes, you read that right. You have to make this incorrect equation correct by moving only one matchstick.

The rules

The rules are simple, yet the challenge is not. You can move any matchstick from anywhere in the equation to any other place.

But remember, you can only move one. You can’t add or remove matchsticks, only reposition one.

And you have to do it in under 25 seconds.

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Think you’re up for it?

Before you start, take a moment to analyze the equation. Look for the matchstick whose movement would cause the biggest impact.

Could it be turning the 9 into a 0?

Or maybe moving a matchstick from the plus sign to turn the 5 into a 8, 3 or 9?

Or perhaps there’s a way to make the equal sign a plus or minus?

Remember, sometimes the simplest solution is the correct one. Try not to overthink it.

The solution

Have you figured it out yet? Time’s up!

The solution is actually quite simple. You need to move one matchstick from the ‘9‘ and place it on top of the ‘5‘ on the left side of the equation.

This turns ‘9‘ into ‘0‘. So the correct equation now reads: 0+5=5.

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Share the fun

Did you enjoy this brain teaser? Did it challenge you?

If it did, don’t keep the fun to yourself.

Share this article with your friends and challenge them too. Let’s see who among your circle has the sharpest mind.

Post it on your social media feeds and let the matchstick-moving madness begin!

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